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We have only just started at the Little Luck! We have big plans and little plans that will unfold over time. The little plans include the addition of a gas grill and deck furniture to enjoy and there is room to increase sleeping arrangements, a washer and a dryer for all of our convenience and a few dressers for long term visits. A dog run and dog houses for the smaller 4 legged friends while riding in the restricted areas. Additional corrals to expand our horse capacity are a must in the near future. And, who doesn't want a hot tub to soothe sore muscles?

The big plans are REALLY big and are far more complicated. Eventually, we hope to have a small campground with 8 to 10 pull through campsites with water and electric at each site and a 5 guestroom bunkhouse with a common area and kitchen facilities over a 10 stall barn. We also plan to put in a 200x300 ft. arena and Sharon, my invaluable right hand and cheerleader, is petitioning for a cross country course. These plans bring in many government agencies so we know we are in for a fun time coordinating everything from rezoning to FEMA surveys. Fortunately the world is full of people who are willing to lend their expertise to the project so only time will tell what we can accomplish.